Roll into our auto shop for your service

Four of the most important parts of your vehicle are the tires. Without safe, effective tires, you won't be able to control you vehicle properly. Shawn's Auto Service recommends replacing your tires every five years. Our team will check your tires regularly and recommend replacements when necessary.

We use Falken Tire as our preferred tire brand, but we work with and ship all brands. Call us today for more information.

We'll check your wheels and tires

Your vehicle's wheels connect directly to the road. You need them functioning properly to be safe and secure while you drive. Shawn's Auto Service works with new and aftermarket wheels to take care of alignments, replacements and patches.

If you decide to replace your tires, we will...

  • Remove your current tires.
  • Inspect the wheels, transmission and suspension.
  • Put the new tires on your car.
Replacing your tires can extend the life of your transmission and suspension. Get started today by calling 563-355-0367.